A Tiny Pump Made a Big Difference for a Cardiac Patient

Janet’s Story 

Janet Stevens of New Boston lives in a very hilly, scenic neighborhood, so taking a walk to enjoy the view can be a little strenuous. Last fall, Janet experienced some shortness of breath during her walks, and because of previous cardiac issues, she made an appointment with Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates.

Dr. Michael Ferguson, Interventional Cardiologist, performed a cardiac catheterization and diagnosed blockages in three coronary arteries. One was the artery that is the major supplier of blood to Janet’s heart.

Cardiac patient Janet Stevens

Janet Stevens

In addition to procedures to re-open the other arteries, Dr. Ferguson performed a high-risk Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) in the left main coronary artery. Because the blockage was so severe, he advanced a tiny pump called an Impella® into Janet’s heart through an artery. It ensured her circulation would not be interrupted as the cardiac team re-opened the artery and installed a stent to keep it open. Janet was discharged the next day, with normal heart function and less risk of having a heart attack.
“Before the procedure, when walking, I had to keep stopping,” Janet said. “I felt winded. Now, I mow the lawn. I can go up the hills. I can do all the things I want or need to do.”

As a retired intensive care nurse, Janet, who is 79, said she appreciated the life-saving treatment provided by Dr. Ferguson and compassionate care from nurses, especially when she developed some bleeding from an incision after the PCI procedure.

“I was getting quite anxious,” she said. “One of the nurses stayed with me the entire time. She made the difference in my anxiety level, just being there with me, and I knew she was taking care of me.”

Living in New Boston, Janet has a choice of where to go for medical care. She chose Concord Hospital because of the relationships she formed while living in nearby Contoocook and because of her observations of other hospitals.

“It seems like there are so much commotion and activity in other places,” she said. “At Concord Hospital, I don’t feel that way. It feels like there is a peace, a calming. I like the feeling and I like the care.”

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