Cancer Survivorship

Thanks to dramatic improvements in cancer care, millions of people around the country and thousands in New Hampshire are surviving the disease, prompting a new focus on providing services to help keep survivors healthy.

The American Cancer Society estimates there are more than 15.5 million cancer survivors in the United States and approximately 77,000 in New Hampshire – with both numbers growing.

Helping you transition from cancer patient to cancer survivor is a focus of our efforts and why we continue to develop and adapt support services for cancer survivors like you.

Survivorship Clinic

Led by a nurse practitioner, the survivorship clinic provides you with a personalized survivorship care plan. The nurse practitioner may also conduct a consultation appointment with you to provide a structured assessment and education, as well as discuss the wide range of services available to you through our Hospital and the community.

Alison Nyhan

Survivorship Care Plans Summarize Cancer Care for Patients, Future Caregivers

Alison Nyhan of Concord received her Survivorship Care Plan when she completed breast cancer treatment at the Payson Center for Cancer Care, marking the end of treatment and summarizing every step of her cancer care.

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Survivorship Care Plan

The sound of a ringing bell marks the end of your cancer treatment at the Payson Center for Cancer Care and the beginning of your journey as a cancer survivor. To support you in your journey, our staff present you with a personalized survivorship care plan — a record of your illness, the care you received and the steps you should take for your future well-being. The personalized plan contains input from your principal physician and oncology care team who coordinated your oncology treatment, and from your other care providers, if applicable.

Information Included in Survivorship Care Plans

Survivorship care plans, based on guidelines by the American College of Surgeons – Commission on Cancer, are summaries that provide a way for survivors to store their important cancer information in one document. The personalized plans represent a single document explaining the history of your disease and the recommended care and surveillance plan going forward.

  • Contact information for all your doctors
  • The types of drugs involved in your treatment
  • Proposed follow-up care
  • Things to watch for and report to your doctors
  • Contact information for other services in the community

Payson Center for Cancer Care completes survivorship care plans as part of its accreditation by the American College of Surgeons (ACoS) Commission on Cancer (CoC).