Cancer Survivorship Plans Summarizes Every Step of Cancer Care

Alison's Story

Alison Nyhan of Concord received her cancer survivorship plan when she completed breast cancer treatment at Concord Hospital Breast Care Center and Payson Center for Cancer Care in the summer of 2016, marking the end of treatment and summarizing every step of her cancer care.

“It’s a very good summary of what the year looked like for us,” Alison said. The ‘whirlwind’ year included a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery (several days after her 40th birthday), eight rounds of chemotherapy in 16 weeks and six weeks of radiation.

Cancer Patient Alison Nyhan

Alison Nyhan

It’s all there in a three-page document, along with contact information for all of her doctors, the types of drugs involved in her chemotherapy, proposed follow-up care, things to watch for and report to her doctors, and contact information for other services in the community.

“It is nice to have it all in one place because you do get a lot of paperwork,” Alison said. “If I have a question, the contact information on who to call is right there,” said Alison, who is Director of Christian Education at South Church in Concord.

Now, instead of a filing cabinet full of huge folders containing medical records and information sheets, she has what she needs in one easy-to-understand plan.

Recently, Alison was sifting through the reams of documents related to her cancer care, trying to decide what to keep and what she could throw away. Her Survivorship Care Plan is a keeper.

“I’m not going to frame it,” she joked, “but it will be right there in my filing cabinet.”

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