Forrest D. McKerley Simulation and Education Center

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Forrest D. McKerley Simulation and Education Center

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Our Forrest D. McKerley Simulation and Education Center utilizes human patient simulators that blink, speak, and breathe, have a heartbeat and a pulse and accurately mirror human responses to such procedures as CPR, intravenous medication, intubation, ventilation and catheterization. The Center features state-of-the-art technology to teach and test knowledge, technical skills, teamwork, communication, crisis management and clinical decision-making. We are one of the few hospitals in New Hampshire to offer this level of training to a broad base of clinicians on an outreach basis.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to promote excellence in clinical care, advance patient safety initiatives and improve multidisciplinary team performance and communication through application of medical simulation in a continuous learning environment.

Through medical simulation, we strive to:

  • Recreate conditions of actual practice, teamwork, leadership, and crisis management;
  • Develop best practices and assess clinical competency;
  • Enrich the education of physicians, staff and students by providing them with scenarios designed to improve each person’s clinical skills, training and judgment in a highly variable but safe environment;
  • Integrate the simulation experience into the work flow process.


The Center will emphasize the use of communication and teamwork to accomplish quick and effective clinical decisions. Continuous learning is viewed as a responsibility of every professional in our institution.

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