NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency - Curriculum

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Curriculum by PGY Level

Our curriculum is designed to build upon the clinical focus of medical school and foster the transition to graduate medical education. The curriculum progresses from mainly inpatient experiences in PGY1 to a mix of inpatient and ambulatory rotations in PGY2 and culminates in a primarily ambulatory experience in PGY3, allowing for the resident to focus electives around possible career options later in training. The curriculum is designed to develop clinically excellent physicians who model a team-based approach to care and complexity. Special emphasis is placed upon personal development and leadership through a unique three-year, longitudinal curriculum that builds skills transferrable to patient care, team dynamics and health care delivery models.


Medicine: 12 weeks

Maternal Child Health: 8 weeks

Night Float (Med): 6 weeks

Night Float (MCH): 2 weeks

Systems: 4 weeks

ICU: 4 weeks

Office Surgery & Surgical Subspecialties: 4 weeks

Gynecology & Women's Health: 4 weeks

MSK/Sports Medicine*: MD, 4 weeks; DO, 2 weeks

ED*: MD, 2 weeks; DO, 4 weeks

Population Health: 2 weeks

*Osteopathic residents have the option to structure their first year to fulfill the AOA's requirements for post-accreditation. More information on the AOA's Resolution 42 can be found here.


Medicine: 8 weeks

Maternal Child Health: 8 weeks

Night Float (Med): 4 weeks

Surgery - Inpatient: 4 weeks

Cardiology: 4 weeks

Pediatrics - outpatient: 4 weeks

Away Elective: 4 weeks

MSK/Sports Med: 4 weeks

ED: 4 weeks

Population Health: 4 weeks

Systems/Leadership: 2 weeks

Family Health Center: 2 weeks


Practice Based Learning & Improvement: 16 weeks

Medicine: 4 weeks

Maternal Child Health: 4 weeks

MSK/Sports Med: MD, 4 weeks; DO, 2 weeks

ED: MD, 2 weeks; DO, 4 weeks

Pediatrics - Outpatient: 4 weeks

Electives: 12 weeks

Systems/Leadership: 2 weeks

Gynecology: 2 weeks

Family Health Center: 2 weeks