New Graduate Nurse Program

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New Graduate Nurse Program

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Our New Graduate Nurse Program is designed to ease the transition of new graduate nurses to the acute healthcare setting. Orientation continues beyond the completion of the program by the unit preceptors for as long as necessary to assure competent performance of the new nurses. Our staff is committed to providing an individualized and flexible orientation. If, in the judgment of the director, clinical leader, preceptor, or education coordinator, the graduate nurse excels in any area, s/he may move along the continuum of the objectives at a faster pace.


  • To introduce graduate nurses to a primary unit and various other clinical settings as deemed necessary;
  • To allow graduate nurses time to gradually assume the duties and responsibilities which accompany her/his new role under the direction and guidance of a Preceptor and other members of the healthcare team;
  • To assist graduate nurses with professional goal setting in an effort to maximize the clinical learning experiences;
  • To familiarize graduate nurses with Concord Hospital and our nursing policies and procedures;
  • To offer graduate nurses the opportunity to experience didactic and practical experiences that cover various topics related to her/his role as a provider of nursing care;
  • To promote critical thinking in graduate nurses.


Graduate nurses who are accepted for employment attend our New Graduate Nurse program as part of their orientation. There is no need to apply for the program itself. Efforts should be made to complete the NCLEX as soon as possible after graduation, but it is not a prerequisite for attending the program. A valid temporary registered nurse license in the state of New Hampshire must be obtained prior to your date of hire and be brought with you on your first day of employment.