FALL 2018 61 Warren F. Eberhart, MD Mrs. Betty Eberhart Sarah L. Eberhart, DPT Mr. Bill Egan Mr. and Mrs. R. Alan Matthews Mrs. Margaret E. Emmons Beaver MeadowWomen’s Golf Association Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Mattlage Mr. Ralph Faretra Mrs. Rita G. Faretra Mr. Charles B. Farmer Anonymous Ms. Jacqueline J. O’Rourke Mr. and Mrs. Roy J. Small Mr.Wilbur H. Fisk Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Fisk Mr.William Flint Mrs. Peg Flint Mildred Fonskov Ms. Margaret F. Shorey William and Mary Forbes Mr. and Mrs. BruceWilson Mrs. Dianne Forsley Mr.Thomas Forsley, IV Ms. Peg A. Foss Ms. Rita Murdough Mr. Ray E. Fox Ms. Monique C. Fox Mr. JosephWilson French, Jr. Amadeus Hospitality Americas, Inc. Ms. Carol A. Denton Ms. Allita H. Paine Mr. and Mrs. LawrenceW. Scammon, Jr. Ms. Lillian Shaw Mrs. Joyce M.Watts Mrs. Josephine French Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Daniel P. Dinan Mr. Roger French Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Ruggles Dr. and Mrs. Anthony N. Sacco Mrs. Laurie Jo Savage Ms. Patricia A. Steiner Mr. Frederick J.Taylor, Sr. Mrs. Josephine Freo Mr. and Mrs. Steven G. David Ms. Mary B. Frohock Ms. Eileen E. Douillette Anonymous Ms. Kayle L. Luther Mr. George Geers Mrs. Elizabeth E. Geers Ms. Merideth C. Geers Mrs. Elizabeth E. Geers Mr. Roland Goodwin Ms. Deborah J. Irish-Donahue Mr. Greg Grappone Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Grappone Mr. Robert Guilbault Mrs. Nancy Guilbault Joshua D. Hall Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Hall Mrs. Norma L. Harrison Mr. Morris James Harrison Ms. Claire Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Carroll Mr. Red Hayes Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Carroll C. D. Heinecke, MD Mrs. Susan Heinecke Ms. Charlotte Houde Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Judge Marianne Huelsmann Anonymous Mr. Richard Huelsmann Anonymous Ms. Jessica Huntley Mr. DavidThompson Mr. Allan R. Johnson Ms. Althea Bennett Mr. Matthias Lippmann Mrs. Mary Mason OSRAM Sylvania, Inc. Ms. Joanne M.Varga Bill and Eleanor Johnston Mr. Paul A. Johnston Mr.Todd Keyser TDK Golf Classic Mr. Nickolas Kofidis Mr. and Mrs. Douglas S. Hatfield Mr. and Mrs.Walter A. Morse John Kritkausky Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kritkausky Mrs. Priscilla Kschinka Jill K. Blackmer, Esq. CharlesT. Lambrukos, DMD Dr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Smith Ms. Doris Laughlin Mrs. Elaine Bumford Mr. Harlan A. Leach, Jr. Mr. and Mrs.Warren E.Wells Paul J. Lena, MD Mrs. Joan H. Lena Mr. and Mrs.William J. LeTendre Ms. Claudette Galbraith Mr. and Mrs. Christos J. Lillios Beaver MeadowWomen’s Golf Association Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Mattlage Ms. Deborah Lovewell Mr. Robert S. Lovewell Ms. Cleopatra Makris Ms. Marylou Armstrong Mr. Robert L. Armstrong Jules N. Manger, MD Dr. and Mrs. Peter Blume Mrs. Marilyn Carlson Dr. and Mrs. DavisW. Clark Mr. and Mrs. David S. Cook Ms. Kathleen A. Dunn and Ms. Christine A. Burgess Dr. and Mrs.Warren E. Emley Drs. Mark Kegel and Patricia Kegel Dr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Oliver Dr. MaryValvano and Mr. JohnValvano Dr. and Mrs. Oglesby H.Young Mrs. Sue K. Manning Ms. Susan M. Nieder Ms. Patrice Martin and Mr. Jonathan B. Siegel Mr. Jonathan B. Siegel Mr. Michael McGourty Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Becker Ms. Diane B. Benoit Ms. Donna Birch Mr. James P. Kallgren Oxy-Gon Industries, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Francis Penney Mr. and Mrs. Herman Resnick Mr. Stephen R. Small Mr. KennethW. Steeves Ms. JanetYates Mr. Forrest D. McKerley Mr. and Mrs. Matthew L. McKerley Mrs. Priscilla McKerley Mr. Michael J. Mead Mrs. Kathleen Mead Mrs. Abigail S. Minzner Anonymous Monica J. Chun, MD DH Sunshine Fund Mr. Daniel Marcus and Dr. Sharon I. Gunsher Ms. BrettY. Lavoie Mr. Mark B. Schiewetz and Ms. Judy Buckley Ms. Nicky Murray Sarah and DavidTirrell-Wysocki Mr. Gary Lee Nelson Ms. Judith P. Nelson Mrs. Grace Nesbitt Mr.W. John Nesbitt Ms. Krista Nichole Ms. April J. Ross Mr. Carl D. Nute Ms. Constance C. Nute The Honorable Edward Nutter Ms. Joanne M. Langlais Mr. Dean O’Hare Mr. and Mrs. Richard Croak Master Michael Joseph Olimpio Ms. Madeline M. Albanese CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE