FALL 2018 57 The Honorable George Manias and Mrs. Diane H. Manias Mr. Harold H. Matava Mr. and Mrs. Max R. Mayo Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. McDonald, Jr. Jerry G. Meadows, MD Dr. Douglas J. and Mrs. Marcia H. Moran Mr.Tom J. Moran Mr. and Mrs. Deane H. Morrison Dr. Richard S. Nelson and Dr. Elizabeth Clardy Drs. Robert and Carol Niegisch Ms. Diane M. Norris Mrs. Arlene O’Connor Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Olimpio Dr. Raymond F. Orzechowski and Ms. Anne L. LaForce Mr. and Mrs. JeffreyW. Peck Mr. and Mrs. RichardW. Pitman Ms. Susan S. Robinson Mr. and Mrs. Paul Russo Mrs. Maureen A. Salo Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Sampson Sanel Auto Parts Company Mr. Mark B. Schiewetz and Ms. Judy Buckley Mr. and Mrs. ScottW. Sloane Dr. and Mrs.W. Kent Smith Mr. Clifford M. Smith Paul M. Snyder, MD Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Starry Mr. Robert J. Strange Dr. and Mrs. Russell A. Strong, III Mr. GeorgeTeloian Mr. James C.Van Dongen and Ms. NicolaWhitley Mr. and Mrs. MarkVarney Mr. and Ms.WilliamVermette Ms. Anne-LeeVerville Ms. Martha E.Verville Ms. NancyVinje Scott and ClaudiaWalker Mr. and Mrs. John F.Weeks, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Robert O.Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth C.Wolfe Mr. and Mrs. AdamYoung 10+ years of Consecutive Giving Anonymous Affiliates in Podiatry, PC Mr. and Mrs. Steven J. Albert Mr. and Mrs. Dana P. Ames, Sr. Ms. and Mrs. Angela Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Jeff G. Andrews Mr. Michael Andrews Mrs. Jan Andrus Mrs. Jan Archambault Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Aversa Mrs. Robyn Bailey Mr. and Mrs. Derek Bailey Mr. and Mrs.Thomas Bailey Ms. Sharon C. Baker Mrs. Michele Ballard Ms. Sarah Bartlett Ms. Pamela J. Baxter Mrs. Joanna Belanger Mr. and Mrs. Steve Beltrami Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Blanchette Mrs. Emily A. Blanchette Ms. Shannon M. Boudreau Drs. Philip and Suzanne Boulter Mr. Paul E. Bourgault Ms. Agnes Bowne Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Bragg Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Buckley Ms. Diane G. Callahan Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Camelio Ms. Paula J. Cantara Dr. Mark D. Carney and Ms. Jan L. Greer-Carney Mr. Scott Caron Ms. Carol Caron Ms. Cynthia E.Tansek Carroll Mr. and Ms. Jason H. Case Mr. and Ms. Dave Cawley The Centennial Hotel and Granite Restaurant & Bar Don P. Chan, MD William L. Chapman, Esq. Claflin Company Ms. Barbara J. Clark Mr. and Mrs. Rusty Cofrin Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Collins Mr. and Mrs. Charles Connor Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Cotter Mr. and Mrs. A. Robert Couch Jennifer M. Dearborn Ms. Donna L. Decrescenzo Demoulas Foundation Dr. and Mrs. Scott R. Devanny Mr. and Mrs. JohnW. Dianis Mr. and Ms. Phil Donovan Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Dorfman Mr. and Mrs. Randy A. Dow Ms. Anne Dowling Mr. and Mrs. John L. Drew Mr. Grant A. Drew Ms. Nancy Druke Mrs. Jeannine Dube Mr. and Mrs. GlenW. Dubuque Mrs. Amy J. Duhaime Mr. and Mrs. Jack Dunn Dr. and Ms. Douglas Duval Mr. Philip B. Emma and Ms. Luanne Morgan-Emma Mr. Carl G. Erickson Trust U/W of Josiah Fernald, Citizens BankTrustee Mrs. Dee A. Fitz Dr. and Mrs. Geoffrey M. Fitzgerald Ms.Tammy M. Fitzmorris Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Foley Mr. and Ms.Walter F. Fortier Jr. Ms. Brenda L. Fowler Dr. KatharineT. Fox and Mr. Frank L. Muller Ms. Andrea R. Freeman Mr. Richard M. Frye Mr.W. John Funk and Ms. Deborah Chase Ms. Sherry R. Gamble Mr. Salvatore J. Garofalo Mr. and Mrs. Dan Gauthier Ms. Laura A. Gauthier Ms. Sherrie Gibson Mr. Corey Girard Mr. and Mrs. George F. Golden Ms. Joan Goshgarian Mr. and Ms. James M. Graham Trust of GeorgeW. Griffin Mr. and Mrs.Thomas S. Gullage, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lindley H. Hall Mr. and Mrs. John B. Hall Mrs. Christina Harmon Mr. Morris James Harrison Mr.Thomas D. Hatem Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Hauser Ms. Sue L. Hemingway Mrs. Kim S. Henry Ms. Clare E. Howard-Pike Mr. and Mrs.WalterW. Howell Mr. and Mrs. Rodney M. Huntoon Hutter Construction Corporation Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Imgrund Integration Partners Corporation Ms. Laurie Jarasitis Mr. and Mrs. Roger Jobin Mr. and Mrs. HarryV. Johnson Mrs. Joyce E. Johnson Mrs. Abby Jones Ms. Abby Jones Mr. and Mrs. Anestis Kalampalikis Mr. Stephen Kavadias CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE