FALL 2018 5 Lynda Caine, Concord Hospital’s Infection Prevention Officer, is inspired every day by the good work she sees at the Hospital. In an added role as a member of Concord HospitalTrust’s Board ofTrustees, she hopes to inspire fellow employees to contribute to the Hospital to help support life-saving care. pg As a member of Concord HospitalTrust’s Benefactors Circle, Harvey Construction Corp. was inspired to pledge gifts over several years to help maintain the financial stability Concord Hospital counts on to support community health needs year after year. pg “Donorcontributions,largeandsmall,representfarreaching communitysupportthatinspiresHospitalmedicalprovidersand staffeachday.Thegiftsenablethisorganizationtoremainfinancially stable,secureneededadvancedmedicaltechnologyandallowusto investtorespondtocommunityhealthneeds.” ~ PamelaPuleo CONCORD HOSPITAL CHIEF ADVANCEMENT OFFICER thatbenefitall. Theyareformer patients inspired to give back because Concord Hospital provided leading edge care that saved their lives. Theyarebusinesses inspiredtohelp becausetheyrecognizethat maintaining a healthy Hospital benefits everyone. TheyareHospital employees who give their all at work, then give more because they are inspired by the Hospital’s important mission. LYNDA HARVEY CONSTRUCTION 20 31