4 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUST The support Melissa Paquette received at Payson Center for Cancer Care’s HOPE Resource Center inspired her to organize a team to take part in the Merrimack County Savings Bank Rock‘N Race fundraiser. She and her friends raised nearly $2,000 to help the HOPE Resource Center continue to support other cancer patients with everything from nutrition services to financial counseling. pg The outpouring of community support while she battled cancer inspired Megan Rheinhardt and her friend Wendy Gazaway to organize an annual Homerun Derby that attracts scores of Bow residents to raise money for Concord HospitalTrust’s Lend Me a Hand Fund.The Fund helps cancer patients in need with out- of-pocket expenses. pg Hearing from cancer patients who wondered‘what’s next?’ after treatment ended inspired nurse practitioner and cancer survivor Renee Plodzik to establish weekly‘fit4acause’ bootcamp workouts to raise money for Payson’s Cancer Survivorship Program. pg ConcordHospitalinspiresdonorgifts,bigandsmall, Their Inspirationleadsthemtoorganizeevents,volunteer timeandoffergiftsoftheirown,whichinspiresotherstosupport ConcordHospitaltoassureitcontinuestoprovidethecompassionate, comprehensivecareforwhichitisrecognized. 14 10 6 MELISSA MEGAN&WENDY RENEE