18 CONCORD HOSPITAL TRUST WithsupportfromConcordHospitalTrust, ConcordHospitalanditsEMSpartnersare teachinghundredsofschoolemployees, teachersandmembersofthepublicto StoptheBleed. Victimsofuncontrolledbleedingcandiein severalminutes,beforeemergencypersonnel arriveatautocrashes,workplaceinjuriesor massshootings.But,anyoneatthescenecan savelivesiftheyknowwhattodo. StoptheBleedispartofanationallife-saving campaigntoteachthepublicproperbleeding controltechniques,includinghowtouse directpressure,woundpacking andtourniquets. StoptheBleedCommunityCampaignaimstosavelives ConcordHospitalhasbeeninvolvedin theprogramfortwoyears,firsttraining approximately200trainers–EMSormedical personnel–whohavefannedoutintheir communitiestotrainthepublic.Training sessionsalsoareofferedattheHospital. “It’s giving people the tools to use in an emergency situation in which people normally panic,”said Concord Hospital Trauma Program Manager Katie Hartford. “After this training, a lot of people feel prepared for these types of situations. It’s not just for large, mass casualty incidents. It’s lifesaving measures that you can apply to someone you see injured right next to you.” Concord Hospital is collaborating with other New Hampshire trauma centers and EMS to provide training in areas far from trauma centers. With funds from Concord Hospital’sTrauma Program and $12,000 in 2017 and 2018 from donations to Concord HospitalTrust, the initiative has supplied Stop the Bleed kits at training sites, especially schools.The kits, also called trauma First Aid Kits, contain tourniquets, quick clot gauze and bleeding control items. “In order to save lives, bystanders need to know these techniques or a victim can bleed to death before EMS arrives,”Hartford said. To find a training session, visit bleedingcontrol.org or e-mail Katie Hartford at khartfor@crhc.org. YoucanhelpConcordHospitalTrustsavelives through its Stop the Bleed Community Campaign. In addition to helping coordinate Stop the Bleed training in every school in every community served by Concord Hospital, theTrust has embarked on a fundraising campaign to place Stop the Bleed kits in those schools. TheTrust hopes to raise nearly $80,000 to place kits in more than 800 classrooms and school common areas in approximately 28 communities. The kits cost $69 each. Katie Hartford Trauma Program Manager