In Fiscal Year 2017,¥ Concord Hospital established a goal to maintain STANDARD INFECTION RATIOS below one. StandardInfectionRatios Concord Hospital, like other hospitals around the country, is focused on preventing patients from acquiring infections while being treated for illnesses or recovering from procedures. Nationwide, as many as one in 25 patients get healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).*The complications are costly and can be associated with procedures like surgery or medical devices such as catheters. That’s why, in 2017, Concord Hospital established a goal to maintain Standard Infection Ratios (SIRs)** at or below 1.0 for central-line associated blood stream infections (CLABSI)***, catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTI), total knee replacements, colon surgery, coronary bypass graft surgery and abdominal hysterectomy. We achieved our SIR targets on CLABSI, CAUTI and total knee replacements. Achieving our SIR targets means our annual number of infections is lower than the number of infections that were‘predicted’or would be expected, based on previous data for other hospitals nationally.The accomplishment means fewer medical complications and lower healthcare costs for our patients. Concord Hospital’s infection prevention team is working with the patient care team to develop a risk mitigation plan to maintain the SIR target for CLABSI and CAUTI. Concord Hospital continues to invest in clinical and technological initiatives and advancements as well as our workforce to deliver patient- centered care and achieve exceptional quality, safety and service. ¥ October 1, 2016 - September 30, 2017 * New England Journal of Medicine 2014 ** The Standard Infection Ratio (SIR) is a statistic used to track healthcare associated infections, comparing actual hospital results to expected results. A number of less than one is favorable. *** The‘central line’is a catheter or tube inserted in a large vein that allows doctors to deliver fluids, medication or nutrients to patients. It stays in as long as the patient is receiving treatment to avoid repeated needles. † Unable to calculate SIR due to low denominator. Procedures SIR Central-LineAssociatedBloodStreamInfections(CLABSI) 0.41 Oneinfectionin2,772 patientsinsixmonths CatheterAssociatedUrinaryTractInfections(CAUTI) 0.16 Oneinfectionin7,125 patientsinsixmonths CoronaryArteryBypassGraft N/A† Zeroinfectionsin47 patientsinsixmonths ColonSurgery 1.32 Threeinfectionsin51 patientsinsixmonths AbdominalHysterectomy N/A† Zeroinfectionsin63 patientsinsixmonths KneeReplacement 0.827 Twoinfectionsin368 patientsinsixmonths January1,2017–June30,2017 8 Leading with Quality, Safety and Service