BehavioralHealth RiverbendIntegratedCenterfor Health(RICH)program Riverbend Community Mental Health implemented the RICH program in 2017 to help improve the physical health of a very complex group of patients – those suffering from serious mental illness and substance use disorders or are at risk for medical conditions and chronic diseases. The program brings primary healthcare services and wellness activities to patients in Riverbend’s behavioral health center. The program’s emphasis is on individuals: § Who have no primary care provider (PCP) or who have a PCP, but do not follow through with appointments or poorly manage chronic disease or health conditions; § With severe psychotic or major mood disorders or those whose serious mental illness hinder understanding of physical health needs, engaging in preventive care, negotiating public transportation, interpersonal effectiveness and follow-up activities (such as lab work) and keeping a calendar; § Who would benefit from wellness activities to support improved health and functioning. In FiscalYear 2017, the RICH program supported 250 clients and anticipates supporting 300 clients in 2018, 400 clients in 2019 and 500 clients in 2020. Riverbend has partnered with Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG), specifically Concord Hospital Family Health Center, to provide behavioral health care for individuals seeking primary health care and/or specialty services at the Family Health Center and to plan ways to sustain the RICH program in the future. ConcordHospitalremainscommitted toseekingoutandleadingaffiliations andpartnershipsthatalignwithour strategicdirectionandbenefitthe healthofthoseweserve. BehavioristsinPrimaryCare andthe1115Waiver It is well understood that we cannot separate the mind from the body. Many patients with physical health problems also experience behavioral health issues. If behavioral health problems are left unidentified and untreated, it is more challenging to address patients’ physical health problems.Treating behavioral health and medical problems together improves outcomes for both. The Integrated Healthcare Project was established to provide behavioral health services in primary care provider offices. As part of a pilot program, funded by Concord HospitalTrust, five Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians (IBHC) began working in February 2015 with CHMG Penacook Family Physicians, Epsom Family Medicine, Concord Family Medicine and Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord. Beginning in January 2017, IBHCs began working full-time in four CHMG practices and part-time at Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care’s Pelvic Medicine, Continence and Sexual Health program. Offering behavioral health services in CHMG primary care practices has been beneficial to patients and providers alike. Behavioral health clinicians in medical practices results in a patient’s behavioral issues being addressed while the patient sees their PCP, whether it be a short-term intervention or a referral to a higher level of care. Meanwhile, PCPs cite their patients’ behavioral health presentations as the most stressful part of their work. Having a behavioral health clinician immediately available has helped PCPs feel more comfortable in managing overall care of their patients. 62 Affiliations and Partnerships