C O N C O R D H O S P I T A L A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 5 David B. Ruedig Chair / Board of Trustees Robert Thomson, MD President / Medical Staff Robert P. Steigmeyer President / Chief Executive Officer The Concord Hospital health system is now three years into its Strategic Plan, developed with the oversight of the Concord Hospital Board ofTrustees and the input of hundreds of stakeholders. The Plan provides a blueprint for our health system’s journey as we work to transform care by improving the patient’s experience of care, improving the health of our whole community and reducing the cost of health care. Our most significant and far reaching achievement over the past year was Transforming Care Now (TCN) – Project Cerner, a project that will support our efforts to improve the health of our patients and the community at a lower cost while improving both the patient and the provider experience.The enterprise-wide information system will provide Concord Hospital with a new central nervous system, replacing all of our disparate clinical and administrative systems with one integrated system to ensure that all of the patient’s information is available in any setting to support the best care. Building on our tradition of high quality, safe medical care, Concord Hospital expanded a number of cardiac services and added state-of-the-art technology in both cardiology and urology to assure the very best, most advanced care is available locally. Creating public awareness of stroke symptoms and improving our stroke activation and assessment process in the Emergency Department reduced the time to life-saving treatment for hundreds of patients. Additionally, the organization continued to respond to the opioid crisis, including funding a dedicated addictive disorder program at the Family Health Center and expanded support for addicted mothers at Concord OB/GYN. Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG) improved access to primary and specialty care by adding many physicians and advanced care providers. In addition, CHMG laid the groundwork for a team-based primary care model, which will connect patients to a dedicated group of providers to manage their health needs.Team-based care will improve access to the healthcare team, support more dedicated time with physicians and advanced providers and provide more resources to assist with complex needs. Initiatives to support the health of people with complex medical issues and to address health concerns that impact our entire population were important priorities in 2017 as Concord Hospital continued its population health journey. From significantly reducing the risk of falls, through education throughout our system and in the community, to expanding the resources of nurse navigators, to using data to identify at-risk populations, our organization is committed to engaging patients and the whole community to improve health outcomes. Our health system began investing in integrated behavioral health in primary care practices in 2015. In the coming year, we will expand that pilot to include all CHMG primary care practices and some specialty practices in partnership with Riverbend Community Mental Health. Addressing needs before they become crises is a vital response to behavioral health issues. Extending beyond direct care for those with acute mental illness, Concord Hospital worked to help our elected officials understand the special needs of this vulnerable population and the opportunities to improve services and outcomes. Ever attentive to our charitable mission and our community members’health needs, Concord Hospital provided more than $51 million in Community Benefit programs and services. Leading the investments, nearly $13 million supported behavioral health and substance misuse services, while other support made programs for vulnerable populations, including low income, new Americans, the elderly and those with chronic health conditions, available. Our 2017 Annual Report highlights only a small number of Concord Hospital’s achievements over the past year. It would be impossible to represent all of the initiatives and acknowledge all of the individuals and groups that have contributed to our success.Together, Concord Hospital, our Medical Staff and Board ofTrustees continue to build upon the culture and history of a successful organization to transform our health system to grow and thrive and continue to provide care excellence in the years to come. Respectfully submitted,