34 OncologyNurseNavigator Oncology nurse navigators fill an important role at Concord Hospital Payson Center for Cancer Care, helping patients understand their life-changing illness, manage complicated treatment schedules and cope with multiple side effects. Oncology nurse navigators are a patient’s main contact with their treatment team, joining patients and their families at appointments, helping answer questions and keeping communications open with the entire team. Payson Center patients have been benefiting from oncology nurse navigators specializing in breast, thoracic and prostate cancer. In 2017, the nurse navigator team added a new member to help patients manage the complex side effects of treatment for head and neck cancers, including not being able to swallow.The condition requires most patients to use a feeding tube during treatment, so they benefit from help obtaining proper nutrients and responding to potential complications with the tube. The new nurse navigation position was made possible through Concord HospitalTrust’s annual Pedaling for Payson fundraising event held September 16, 2017. InFiscalYear2017,* 12,959 T R E AT M E N T S were performed in the RadiationOncology Department. *October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017 InFiscalYear2017, TheHOPEResourceCenter atConcordHospitalPayson CenterforCancerCare provided: 1,385 NUTRITION SERVICES patientcontacts 80 REIKI SESSIONS for49patients 49 SPIRITUALCARE andSupportive CounselingSessions MORE THAN 2,300 patientcontactswith SOCIAL WORKERS THE LEND ME A HAND AND GENE GILLIS FUNDS providednearly $30,000 tosupport169PaysonCenterpatients without-of-pocketexpenses. InFiscalYear2017,* morethan $700,000 was contributed to S U P P O R T HOPEResourceCenter programsandservices.