C O N C O R D H O S P I T A L A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 29 ArrhythmiaClinic Patients with irregular heartbeats now have a streamlined path for care at Concord Hospital. Concord Hospital Cardiac Associates began an Arrhythmia Clinic to help patients with irregular heartbeats receive appropriate, coordinated care. The Clinic offers a comprehensive, integrated, patient-centered approach for patients suffering from complex and advanced cardiac arrhythmias.The most common condition affecting Arrhythmia Clinic patients is AFib, an irregular, and often, very fast heartbeat. The Clinic coordinator is a clinical nurse who evaluates patients referred for treatment from primary care providers or who has been admitted to Concord Hospital with new irregular heart rhythms. Based on the coordinator’s evaluation, appointments are arranged directly with electrophysiology specialists at Cardiac Associates, often by-passing multiple diagnostic appointments that were common in the past. HeartValveClinic Patients with heart valve disease now can receive more specialized attention for their complicated care in their own community. Cardiac Associates implemented aValve Clinic to enhance care coordination for valve disease patients.Typically, a patient’s primary cardiologist refers a patient to the Clinic for further assessment by Cardiac Associates’specialists.The Clinic coordinator ensures each patient is routed appropriately for the timeliest care.The Clinic provides patients one- call access to heart valve services, eliminating the need for referrals out of the community.The Clinic also works to educate the community and medical providers that Concord Hospital provides a comprehensive approach to heart valve problems, especially for older patients or those whose medical condition rules out traditional surgery. ElectrophysiologyExpansion Concord Hospital is a leader in caring for patients with heart disorders caused by faulty electrical activity in their heart. In 2017, the Hospital expanded electrophysiology services (EP). EP is the highly specialized branch of cardiac care that deals primarily with correcting or managing heart rhythm disorders caused by abnormal electrical pulses in the heart.The Hospital hired a second electrophysiologist, opened a third catheterization lab, increased cath lab staff and expanded EP services from three to five days per week. Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care treated more than 8,600 P A T I E N T S from 203 of New Hampshire’s 259 Communities.** **October 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017