28 Regional Presence Expansion CENTER FOR CARDIAC CARE In cardiac care, minutes count, so having expert care close to home is more than a luxury. At Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care, our specially trained and experienced cardiology and cardiothoracic experts are saving lives and preserving the quality of life for patients every day. Asaregionalhealthresource, ConcordHospitalcontinuesto expanditsgeographicpresenceto sustainandimprovethehealth ofourcommunityandothers. TranscatheterAorticValve ReplacementProgram Life-saving treatment now is available at Concord Hospital for patients who need a new aortic heart valve, but are not good candidates for open-heart surgery. In 2017, two interventional cardiologists were credentialed to performTranscatheter AorticValve Replacement (TAVR) procedures at Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care.TAVR is a technique in which a cardiologist replaces a defective or diseased aortic heart valve by threading a new valve into place through a blood vessel, instead of with open-heart surgery. In the first six months, 24TAVR procedures were performed at Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care with positive results. WATCHMAN™ Concord Hospital Center for Cardiac Care implemented a new procedure in Fiscal Year 2017 to help patients with atrial fibrillation* (AFib) who cannot be treated with blood thinning medication.Those patients have an increased risk of stroke because the condition can cause blood to stagnate in a certain area of the heart, potentially causing blood clots to form, escape and cause a stroke. In the new procedure, a device calledWATCHMAN is implanted in the heart, preventing the clots from forming. In FiscalYear 2017, CONCORD HOSPITAL Center for Cardiac Care successfully implanted§ 33 WATCHMAN DEVICES. * Atrial fibrillation is an abnormal heartbeat. § Through September 30, 2017