ConcordHospitalMedicalGroup Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG) comprises more than 290 medical providers in 29 locations, all dedicated to a single goal: meeting the healthcare needs of the Concord region – one patient at a time. CHMG is a respected primary care and specialty group that continues to evolve with a team-based approach to care for patients when they are ill, help manage chronic conditions and offer comprehensive prevention and wellness programs to support keeping our community healthy. BetterAccessMeans BetterCare CHMG primary care and specialty practices know that making sure patients have timely access to care helps avoid potential complications for patients just released from the Hospital and helps specialists manage or treat other medical issues before they worsen.That’s why CHMG is focusing on speedy contact with discharged patients and more timely appointments for patients referred to specialists. § Primary Care A proven way to reduce the likelihood that patients discharged from the Hospital will be readmitted unnecessarily is to ensure that the patient’s primary care provider team quickly becomes part of the care when a patient goes home from the Hospital. CHMG is working to schedule patients for a primary care visit within seven days of discharge. In 2017, 73 percent of CHMG primary care practices met that goal. It’s a good business practice, and it’s essential for the health of our patients. CHMG has been improving communications between the Hospital’s discharge team and primary care practice teams, including nurses within Concord RegionalVisiting Nurse Association (CRVNA). CHMG nurses call each patient within a couple of days of discharge with standard questions covering everything from medication changes to whether the patient understands their discharge instructions.Then, practices schedule a follow-up visit within seven days of discharge.Those two contacts have made the difference for prompt follow-up care that fills any treatment gaps, heads off potential complications and keeps patients healthy and out of the Hospital. § Specialty Care CHMG specialty care practices recognize it is important to accommodate new patient referrals from primary care providers as quickly as possible. From a customer service standpoint, it is not wise to have patients wait weeks or months for appointments. From a medical standpoint, long waits can lead to delays in necessary treatment. In FiscalYear 2017, CHMG set a goal to see new patients requiring specialty care within 21 business days of their referral.Two-thirds of the specialty practices achieved or exceeded the goal, even though specialists were called to the Hospital more frequently to perform procedures for a growing number of patients, and some specialty practices experienced provider vacancies. Patients with urgent needs always are seen promptly, but specialty practices are focused on improving efficiency for all patients, regardless of acuity or urgency. “Providingeasieraccesstocareisnotsomethingyoucanwavea wandatandfixovernight.Theonlywayyouimproveistomake itaclearpriorityandcontinuetofocusonit.That’swhatwehave beendoingandwhatwe’regoingtocontinuetodo.” ~BillDooley,VicePresident,ProviderServices,ConcordHospital C O N C O R D H O S P I T A L A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 17