“Escorttosurgery–weweretakendirectly tothecorrectareawithinminutesofmyarrival.” “Escorttosurgery–weweretakendirectly tothecorrectareawithinminutesofmyarrival.” Facing surgery is not usually a pleasant experience, but Concord Hospital is working hard to help lessen anxiety for patients and their families before, during and after surgery. The Hospital’s‘We’re ExpectingYou’(WEY) program is designed to make surgical patients feel welcome and‘expected’when they arrive.This program started in 2006 for orthopaedic patients. Now, our Hospitality Services Associates reach out to most patients scheduled for surgery. To complement an information packet provided to patients, Hospitality Services Associates share basic non-clinical information in a phone call approximately one week before surgery, including where to park, which area hotels offer reduced rates for patient families, how to access the Hospital’s freeWi-Fi and loaner laptops, and how to request a wheelchair. Upon arrival, Hospitality Services Associates greet patients and their families and an Associate or Hospital volunteer escort them to surgery check-in. A surgical liaison keeps patients’families updated during surgery and Hospitality Services Associates visit patients in the Hospital on the day after their surgery. Any patient concerns are conveyed immediately to the patient care unit staff. A personal note and comment card also are sent to patients once they are home. From October 2016 to mid-September 2017, Hospitality Services connected with 3,288 of the 3,337 patients designated to receive a welcome call in theWEY program. In FiscalYear 2017, 94.5 percent of patients who responded said theWEY program, with its personal touch, added to the satisfaction of their Hospital stay – up from 81 percent in 2016. 16 Leading with Quality, Safety and Service Carol Hyslop CONCORD HOSPITAL HOSPITALITY SERVICES ASSOCIATE 16