TransformingCareNow–ProjectCerner The most significant and far-reaching achievement at Concord Hospital for the past fiscal year was the culmination of the largest and most complex clinical and financial transformation project ever undertaken at the Hospital —Transforming Care Now (TCN)– Project Cerner. This project will support our efforts to improve the health of our patients while lowering their cost and improving both their own and their provider’s experience. After two years of detailed preparation, Concord Hospital and CHMG’s new EHR system (Cerner) went live on December 1, 2017. It gives Concord Hospital a new central nervous system to help manage everything from patients’current and future treatment plans and goals, to medications and immunizations, diagnostic tests and healthcare financial responsibilities.The integrated system replaces the majority of clinical information technology (IT) and administrative revenue systems used to support the Hospital’s daily efforts to provide the best care, from the most appropriate provider in the most appropriate setting. The EHR helps our healthcare providers access and manage the huge volume of patient information previously scattered in multiple systems, making the information available immediately in all care settings – from the Emergency Department to the Operating Room and numerous ambulatory practice settings. It also gives providers instant access to the latest information on evidence-based diagnosis and treatment options, helping them provide more timely diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment. The transformation enables us to expand our current medication safety barcoding processes throughout Concord Hospital and CHMG. Barcode medication administration is a major benefit for patients because it enables a medical provider to scan barcodes on a patient’s wristband and on medication to verify it is the right medicine, at the right dose, for the right patient, at the right time and the right route. We have used this process in the Hospital for many years, but with the new system, we will expand barcode medication administration to all ambulatory physician practices, the Emergency Department, Operating Room, anesthesia and other Hospital-based outpatient areas. In addition, we will begin using barcoding technology to administer blood products and mothers’breast milk. The system also gives patients access to their pertinent health and financial information through a redesigned secure patient portal (MyPatient Connect), providing after-visit summaries, discharge instructions and more flexibility to interact with providers. ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONTECHNOLOGY ENHANCEMENTS § Virtual ClinicalWorkstation As part of our new EHR system,Virtual ClinicalWorkstation technology provides new benefits for our healthcare providers.Virtual Clinical Workstation enables providers to use their laptop or personal computer applications and appropriate printers at multiple workstations, without having to log in or out after each use. As a result, caregivers can spend more time with patients, while improving timely access to patient’s clinical information. § Voice Recognition Through a voice recognition program, providers can create text reports in the new EHR by speaking – not typing.Voice recognition reduces the time it takes providers to complete needed documentation and gives them more time to be with patients. § Clinical Order Sets Our new EHR also offers our healthcare providers’evidence-based clinical order sets – groups of related treatment orders in a pre-defined template. An order set allows providers to issue a group of orders that apply to a specific condition or medical procedure.The grouping standardizes and expedites the ordering process.The technology assures Concord Hospital providers that clinical order sets are current, utilize evidence-based medicine where possible and are developed in a collaborative manner – with all appropriate stakeholders. Our new EHR system helps coordinate and consolidate information our healthcare providers and patients need to make the best decisions about care, while helping lower the cost of providing that care. We’reExpectingYouProgram BythetimethisreportonConcord Hospital’sFiscalYear2017 accomplishmentsispublished,Concord Hospitalpatients,staffandmedical providersalreadywillbebenefitingfrom TCN–ProjectCerner.Thesystemwentlive onDecember1,earlyinFiscalYear2018. C O N C O R D H O S P I T A L A N N U A L R E P O R T 2 0 1 7 15