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Need a PCP? Call our Physician Referral Line at (603) 224-7879 or toll-free in NH at (800) 322-2711 for help finding a primary care doctor that's accepting new patients.


5 Providers Adult Nurse Practitioner
1 Provider Allergy
68 Providers Anesthesia
2 Providers Audiology
28 Providers Cardiology
9 Providers Cardiothoracic Surgery
1 Provider Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
1 Provider Colon & Rectal Surgery
4 Providers Critical Care Medicine
3 Providers Dentistry
6 Providers Dermatology
2 Providers Electrophysiology
38 Providers Emergency Medicine
1 Provider Endocrinology
96 Providers Family Medicine
1 Provider Family Nurse Practitioner
7 Providers Gastroenterology
20 Providers General Surgery
1 Provider Geriatric Medicine
48 Providers Hospital Medicine
3 Providers Hyperbaric Medicine
4 Providers Infectious Disease
2 Providers Integrated Care Clinician
29 Providers Internal Medicine
4 Providers Interventional Cardiology
6 Providers Interventional Radiology
4 Providers Nephrology
10 Providers Neurology
10 Providers Neurosurgery
29 Providers Obstetrics & Gynecology
14 Providers Oncology/Hematology
11 Providers Ophthalmology
2 Providers Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
53 Providers Orthopaedic Surgery
1 Provider Orthopaedics
9 Providers Otolaryngology
8 Providers Palliative Medicine
4 Providers Pathology
3 Providers Pediatric Cardiology
5 Providers Pediatric Dentistry
18 Providers Pediatrics
9 Providers Physical Medicine/Rehab
4 Providers Plastic Surgery
4 Providers Podiatry
16 Providers Psychiatry
16 Providers Pulmonary Medicine
20 Providers Radiation Oncology
18 Providers Radiology
1 Provider Rheumatology
5 Providers Sleep Medicine
2 Providers Thoracic Surgery
4 Providers Trauma & Acute Care Surgery
20 Providers Urology
6 Providers Vascular Surgery
5 Providers Wound Care


1 Provider Active Choice Healthcare
3 Providers Affiliates in Podiatry PC
66 Providers Anesthesia Associates PA
4 Providers Capital Region Palliative Care
1 Provider Caring for Women
2 Providers Center for Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
2 Providers Chief Medical Examiner Office
4 Providers Concord Dermatology
1 Provider Concord Endocrinology
11 Providers Concord Eye Center
15 Providers Concord Family Medicine
1 Provider Concord Hospital - Behavioral Health
6 Providers Concord Hospital - Preop Testing Center
2 Providers Concord Hospital Breast Care Center
29 Providers Concord Hospital Cardiology
9 Providers Concord Hospital Cardiothoracic Surgery
38 Providers Concord Hospital Emergency Medical Associates
3 Providers Concord Hospital Family Health Center - Dental Clinic
3 Providers Concord Hospital Family Health Center - Hillsboro
10 Providers Concord Hospital Family Health Center-Pediatric Hospitalist Program
38 Providers Concord Hospital Family Health Center
3 Providers Concord Hospital Family Place Prenatal Care
45 Providers Concord Hospital Hospitalist Program
16 Providers Concord Hospital Internal Medicine
1 Provider Concord Hospital Laconia - Pulmonary Critical Care
10 Providers Concord Hospital Neurology
13 Providers Concord Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology
5 Providers Concord Hospital Occupational & Employee Health
16 Providers Concord Hospital Orthopaedics - Laconia
7 Providers Concord Hospital Otolaryngology - Laconia
6 Providers Concord Hospital Otolaryngology
15 Providers Concord Hospital Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine
4 Providers Concord Hospital Sleep Center
1 Provider Concord Hospital Urologic Institute - Laconia
18 Providers Concord Hospital Urologic Institute
2 Providers Concord Hospital Vascular Surgery - Laconia
6 Providers Concord Hospital Vascular Surgery
5 Providers Concord Hospital Wound and Hyperbaric Center
2 Providers Concord Oral Surgery
55 Providers Concord Orthopaedics PA
4 Providers Concord Pediatric Dentistry PA
5 Providers Concord Pediatrics
4 Providers Concord Plastic Surgery
1 Provider Concord Podiatry
18 Providers Concord Surgical Associates
1 Provider Dartmouth Hitchcock - Orthopedics
2 Providers Dartmouth-Hitchcock Children's Hospital at Dartmouth
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - Allergy
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - Dermatology
12 Providers Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - OB/GYN
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - Orthopaedics
4 Providers Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - Pediatrics
14 Providers Dartmouth-Hitchcock Concord - Primary Care
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center - Gynecologic Oncology
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center Lebanon
1 Provider Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center
1 Provider Duros & Associates LLC
1 Provider Elliot Regional Cancer Center at Londonderry
6 Providers Epsom Family Medicine
7 Providers Family Physicians of Pembroke
10 Providers Family Tree Health Care - Hopkinton
4 Providers Family Tree Health Care - Warner
1 Provider Forrest Medical Consulting Services, PLLC
3 Providers GI Associates - Concord Gastroenterology (DH)
4 Providers GI Associates - Concord Gastroenterology
1 Provider Granite Physiatry
2 Providers Granite VNA
4 Providers Infectious Disease
5 Providers Interventional Radiology, X-Ray PA
10 Providers Medical Oncology at the Solinsky Center for Cancer Care
2 Providers Nashua Regional Cancer Center
4 Providers Nephrology Associates PA
4 Providers New Era Medicine PLLC
2 Providers New Hampshire Hospital
2 Providers New Hampshire Hospital
2 Providers New Hampshire Hospital
11 Providers New Hampshire NeuroSpine Institute
14 Providers NH Oncology Hematology PA
1 Provider Northeast Dermatology Associates
1 Provider Northwood Family Dental Center
2 Providers Pathways Professional Association
1 Provider Pembroke Wellness Center
10 Providers Penacook Family Physicians
8 Providers Pleasant Street Family Medicine
1 Provider Quality Orthopaedic Care 246 Pleasant Street Suite 106
20 Providers Radiation Oncology Associates PA
1 Provider Raymond Orzechowski DMD, PLLC
1 Provider Rehabilitation Services at CH Medical Offices at Horseshoe Pond
1 Provider Rehabilitation Services at CH Medical Offices North
14 Providers Riverbend Community Mental Health
1 Provider Roger Belson MD
1 Provider St. Paul's School
1 Provider White Mountain Forensic Consulting Services
24 Providers X-Ray Professional Association
Ari Salis, MD

Choose Your Hospital With Confidence. Dr. Salis Did.

In 2015, Dr. Ari Salis joined the Concord Hospital Medical Staff and found the expertise and support to help make his vision for building a robust, inpatient and outpatient interventional radiology program come true.

Read Dr. Salis' Story

Claudia Walker

Choose Your Care with Confidence. Claudia Did.

Since moving to Concord in 1985, Claudia Walker has always confidently chosen Concord Hospital for her care. Her Concord Hospital ‘heroes’ have helped her manage several major health concerns, including cancer. Claudia attributes her excellent outcomes to the exceptional care and personal attention she received.