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  • 10 Steps to Optimal Health

    If you're ready to make lifestyle changes and want to live a healthier life, this class is for you. Learn ways to improve your mood and change the way you live.

  • 30 Day Challenge

    Learn the how and why of making the best food choices for yourself, while receiving the motivation you need to stay on track and change the way you eat forever.

  • Food is Medicine

    In this class, reach your health goals mindfully and effectively without shortcuts.

  • Foods that Fight Inflammation

    Learn the ins and outs of overall nutrition to help enhance your body's immune system with foods that reduce inflammatory stress.

  • Juicing and Smoothies 101

    Learn the health benefits of fresh juice and smoothies, as well as the risks of over-juicing. Plus money saving tips and ingredients for immune and digestive health.

  • Kids Top Chef

    Does your child love to help in the kitchen? This class provides the opportunity to learn about food and nutrition together.

  • Lowering Your Blood Pressure with the DASH Diet

    Find out how the DASH diet can be effective at lowering your blood pressure numbers and managing your weight.

  • Mindful Eating

    If you are looking for the cure to emotional eating and weight loss, this class is for you. Learn how to eat in a calm, relaxed way that nourishes all of you.

  • Money-Saving Mason Jar Meals

    Mason jar meals can save you time and money. Get recipes and learn how to layer a variety of healthy foods to avoid soggy meals.