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  • 10-Day Metabolic Detox

    Simplify and re-evaluate your diet with this detox program.

  • 30 Day Challenge

    Kick start your health with this 30 day challenge. This program will teach you the what, how and why of making the best food choices for yourself.

  • Advanced T'ai Chi

    New material will include advanced styles, understanding the mental game and the relationship of applied T'a Chi to solo T'ai Chi.

  • Beginner's T'ai Chi

    Learn movements that gradually strengthen the body and greatly improve balance.

  • Braving Self-Care The Daring Way

    Join us as we develop daily practices that transform the way we approach self-care while we explore topics such as vulnerability, courage, shame and worthiness.

  • ChiRunning

    ChiRunning teaches a safe and efficient, natural running techniques to reduce injury and improve personal performance.

  • Five Secrets to an Energizing Breakfast

    Since breakfast is the most important meal of the day, learn different recipes as well as a food demo from the instructor's book.

  • Food Is Medicine

    Learn healthy trends from providers that will impact your health.

  • Home Gardening 101

    This class is for beginners and experienced gardeners alike. Learn planting tips, timing, soil basics, layout, planning tips and the potential insect dangers.

  • Hypnosis for Wellness

    In a hypnotic state, you are open to receive beneficial suggestions that can help you to achieve your desired goals. This is a one hour private session.

Page of 4, showing items 1-10 of 34.