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Career Development

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Diane ConawayThe professional career development of our employees is so important, we integrate it directly into our vision, values and corporate philosophy statements.

“More than most organizations, a hospital is characterized by the interaction of people caring for people. The quality of care a patient receives is in direct proportion to the expertise and compassion of the hospital staff members. Concord Hospital recognizes the importance of the individual staff member to the effectiveness of our service. Our employment policies are designed to maintain the continuity of professionalism and dedication so vital to its functions and reputation.”

Excerpt from employee handbook

Our vision statement includes two objectives that address development: “The organization will provide leadership and innovation in the changing healthcare environment, and support and promote education for health professionals, allied personnel and the general public.”

Our values include continuous improvement, which commits to “providing continuing education, training and skills development.”

Our philosophy includes the statement: “The environment of Concord Hospital stimulates staff members, physicians, volunteers and others to high standards of performance and provides maximum opportunity for satisfaction and achievement.”

As a means of implementing these concepts, we have established the following principles:

  • To employ and retain the most talented individuals possible;
  • To provide equitable wages and benefits through continuous review and improvement;
  • To encourage and support the continuing education efforts of staff members;
  • To promote from within whenever possible;
  • To recognize the contributions of all staff members by listening to their ideas and suggestions;
  • To provide safe and comfortable surroundings which enhance the quality of work life;
  • To treat everyone fairly and equitably, respecting the dignity of each individual.

Performance Assessments

Our employees identify their developmental needs and interests through setting goals for the coming year.

Competency Assessment Program

We are committed to delivering exceptional patient care. As a result, we have a comprehensive process for ensuring staff are assessed for competency on a regular basis. A variety of methods assess staff competence in the areas of technical skills, interpersonal relationship skills and critical thinking including: new applicant assessment, Hospital orientation, clinical and department/unit orientation, ongoing required competency tests, in-services, and educational programs.

Clinical Skills

Forrest D. McKerley Simulation and Education Center

The Center assists healthcare professionals in honing their life-saving critical care skills through simulated hands-on experience.

Annual Competencies for Clinical Staff

Basic Life Support, Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support and a New Graduate Nurse Program with experienced Concord Hospital nurses acting as mentors.

Additional Skill Development & Training

Concord Hospital Advancement in Nursing Program

Our Nurse Residency Program eases the transition of newly graduated nurses from the classroom to the clinical world of the Hospital. New nurses gradually assume responsibilities and apply nursing skills with expert guidance from our Nurse Preceptors, continuing their training and ensuring quality care and safety for patients. Concord Hospital Advancement in Nursing Program (CHAIN) rewards excellence in nursing clinical care, leadership and education.

Lean Process Improvement

Our staff, leadership and medical staff are transforming how they approach their work and ultimately how our patients are cared for through the implementation of Lean process improvements. Lean is a philosophy of structured improvement aimed at increasing the value of our patients' experiences by improving quality, safety, timeliness, effectiveness, satisfaction and financial impact.

Organizational Development

Our organizational development program include classes on leadership and interpersonal development.