Employee Growth & Development

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Employee Growth & Development

You can count on the talent advisors at Concord Hospital's Career Center to support your growth and development from the time you're hired through all phases of your career. Services offered include resume building, job shadowing, career ladder progression, and career coaching.

Clinical Training

You'll receive new hire training as well as the support you need for continuing education. We offer on-site training for several specialties including areas such as nursing, operating room technicians, and residency programs. As a newly hired clinical employee, you'll attend a clinical orientation — a comprehensive week-long training in our state-of-the-art simulation laboratory. Our clinical educators work with you in small group settings to allow for a customized and comprehensive learning experience.

Organizational Development Classes

To complement your clinical training, you have access to additional learning opportunities through our Organizational Development department. The department offers free classes on topics ranging from communication skills and leadership — to team building and technical courses that offer CEU credit. All classes offered through Organizational Development are published online via our learning management system. The system tracks the classes you attend, providing you with a record of what you've taken and when.

Tuition Reimbursement & Certification Funding

If you wish to work towards obtaining an advanced degree, you have access to a generous tuition reimbursement program. In addition, you may be eligible for reimbursement towards certain professional certifications.

Committee & Project Work

If committee and project work interest you, a number of steering committees and workgroups exist that are aligned with our value to promote continuous improvement through processes that enhance quality and patient satisfaction. Through participation on a committee, project or Kaizen, you have the opportunity to develop your teamwork, communication and decision-making skills. Additionally, such involvement provides you with opportunities to contribute to work that may be outside your specific job responsibilities.

Military Program

Military Program

The skills and insight you've gained during your military service have a positive impact on the quality of care our patients receive. If you're an active member or veteran of the armed services, you can count on our Military Program to provide benefits and recognition designed to support you and your family. We recognize and value your service to the country.

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Employee Recognition

Pride Day

Pride Day

Pride Day features a complimentary meal served by senior management under a tent with live entertainment. 

Employee Recognition Banquet

Employee Banquet

The banquet recognizes employees who have reached milestone years of employment. 

We value your contribution to our mission and appreciate the critical role you play in ensuring patients' positive experiences and outcomes. 

Recognition Events

In recognition of all employees, our Administration and Human Resources departments sponsor two annual employee recognition events. 

  1. Pride Day is held annually in September and is hosted by senior management.
  2. Employee Banquet is held annually in June and is hosted by Human Resources. 

Recognition Awards

Employees may receive recognition throughout the year through one of four award programs.

  1. HALO Award - recognizing exceptional service
  2. DAISY Award - recognizing exceptional nurses
  3. STAR Award - recognizing going above and beyond
  4. TQM Award - recognizing quality work