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Nurse Residency Program

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You're automatically enrolled in the program when you're hired into a Level I Registered Nurse position.

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If you're a newly licensed nurse or a nurse with less than a year of clinical experience, you can count on our New Graduate Nurse Program to set you up for a successful career in nursing.

How the Program Benefits You

Over the year-long program, you'll be orientated to nursing at Concord Hospital through skills training in the Forrest D. McKerley Simulation & Education Center, active learning in patient care settings, didactic teaching in classrooms and one-on-one consultations with preceptors. 

You'll take deep dives, with subject matter experts, into some of the most common medical conditions and challenges facing nurses today, with the goal of growing your knowledge and confidence. Experts in trauma, stroke, wound care and more will share case studies and facilitate discussions designed to provide information and insight that helps you navigate today's complex healthcare system.

Additionally, you'll learn policies and procedures, as well as where to go and who to contact for clinical help or support. You'll complete the program knowing where, and how, to get help if or when you have an emergency. Upon completion of your first year, you'll be promoted to a Level II Registered Nurse and eligible for a pay increase at your one year evaluation.

Level I Registered Nurse Position

Newly licensed nurses, and nurses with less than a year of clinical experience, are hired into Level 1 Registered Nurse positions on patient care units. Our Nurse Residency Program, paired with the hands-on, clinical experience with a preceptor, ensures a successful transition from a student nurse to an experienced nurse. Program participants report feeling supported knowing they are joining a team-oriented unit with approachable unit leadership that prioritizes mentoring of student nurses.

Program Schedule

The program is a year-long program that is broken into two parts. For the first 20 weeks, you come every other week to review and discuss how we care for different situations and what resources are available for you. The topics are chosen by the most frequent rapid response teams, and feedback from other new graduates. After the 20 weeks, we see you monthly for two hours for follow-up, career mapping and growth/ development. The program is divided into winter and summer sessions.

Nurse Feedback

"As a new graduate, I was nervous to start my first nursing job. I learned a lot in nursing school, but I had some anxieties about applying this knowledge to my first nursing job. The Nurse Residency Program provided me and my peers with a judgment-free, supportive environment to ask questions, learn from each other and apply what we learned in school to real life practice. I've made some great connections within this program and I know that having a safe place to share my struggles and triumphs as a new nurse has made me stronger and more confident in this profession." ~ Chelsea Wynne, RN

Nurse Residency Program Class

Investing In You, Your Future

As a participant in our Nurse Residency Program, you will have career mapping sessions, with program faculty, that are personalized to your unique career goals and aspirations. So whether your end game is a resource person, a preceptor or some other position, you can count on professional development support and guidance to help make your career dream a reality.

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