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Family Medicine Outpatient Elective

NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency offers a family medicine elective rotation with an outpatient emphasis for fourth-year medical students. Students are assigned primarily to either our Concord site or our Hillsboro site 30 minutes from Concord Hospital.

The outpatient clinic experience is an experience of direct patient care in our health centers caring for patients’ biopsychosocial needs throughout the life cycle. Students will have an assigned preceptor, either a resident or faculty attending to discuss patient care planning and to provide feedback. Integrated into the rotation are common outpatient procedures, home and nursing home visits with our elder care team, attending our refugee care clinic, musculoskeletal clinics, and participation in our complex care planning sessions with residents and faculty. Students also attend Morning Report, a resident-led case and topic review session three days per week, and the Wednesday afternoon teaching sessions. Students assigned to our Concord site will spend a half-day in our Hillsboro site seeing patients with a resident or faculty. Accordingly, students assigned to our Hillsboro site will have experiences at our Concord site.

Students collaborate with our interdisciplinary team, including Integrated Behavioral Health Clinicians assigned to each clinical team, medical assistants, nursing staff, our dental care team, nurse navigators and patient care coordinators in providing patient care.

Students collaborate with their preceptors, including second and third-year residents and family medicine attendings, to care for patients six to seven half days per week A typical day starts between 7:30–7:50 am attending Morning Report, then huddling with the assigned resident or faculty and clinical team from 7:50–8 am; patient visits from 8-12; lunch from noon to 1 pm; patient visits from 1-5 pm.

  • Student will complete history, perform physical examinations, and management plans related to the patient's condition.
  • Student will consult literature resources as appropriate to incorporate evidence into patient care.
  • Student will write a brief note in the patient’s medical record to be reviewed and co-signed by the preceptor.

Students present a Morning Report case the last week of their rotation based on a patient experience during the rotation.

Students spend one morning during the rotation on our inpatient medicine to gain an understanding of resident experience on our inpatient service.

Faculty provide formative feedback to students at the mid-point of the rotation, and summative feedback at the end, based on aggregated input from the resident and faculty teachers with whom they worked. We also invite students to share their feedback about their experiences with us.

Interested students are asked to complete our application, which requires specific documentation. We suggest advanced planning, as our available slots fill quickly every year.