Combined Family Medicine/Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency Program

“We are guests in our patients' lives, and we are their hosts when they come to us. Why should they, or we, expect anything less than the graciousness expected by guests and from hosts at their very best. Service is quality."
- Donald M. Berwick, MD, MPP

Have you observed a procedure or a patient care encounter that you know could have gone better? All patients deserve excellent care. In the combined Family Medicine/Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency program both disciplines inform each other to cultivate skills that lead to improved patient care. It's our joy and love of the doctor-patient interaction, and the therapeutic relationship, that drives our quest for improved care.

The leadership preventive medicine component of the residency program emphasizes the individual development of quality improvement and leadership skills that are used in the clinical microsystem. The goal of the combined Family Medicine/Leadership Preventive Medicine Residency program is to develop family medicine physicians passionate about becoming change agents to redesign healthcare delivery in their practice and community.

Over the years our graduates have found diverse positions in health care and have been recognized as change agents within their organizations. They have the following core characteristics in common:

  • Family physicians who are actively involved in patient care;
  • Recognized leaders in their health systems;
  • Integration of organizational development concepts and systems thinking in day-to-day work;
  • Skills to implement quality improvement projects and use data to analyze success.

Our residency program creatively integrates community assets with academic resources available through The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice (TDI). Upon completion of family medicine training, accepted residents begin the leadership preventive medicine component of the residency program. They complete two years of additional training that includes the components necessary for board certification in preventive medicine. Classwork for a Master of Public Health is completed at TDI and paid for by NH Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency, while also maintaining PGY4 and PGY5 salary. Additionally, ongoing participation in training seminars designed to develop expertise in systems change and leadership occurs.

The preventive medicine practicum experience takes place at Concord Hospital Medical Group practices and focuses on the care of underserved and vulnerable populations through innovative delivery models. These sites serve as the learning laboratory for quality improvement work.