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Credentialing & Licensing

You can count on Concord Hospital Medical Staff Services to assist you in obtaining an intended practice plan, as well as guide and support you through the credentialing application process.


Once you have completed the Intended Practice Plan and all other necessary application forms, please submit them to Medical Staff Services. The office will send you a confirmation of receipt and the process can move forward.

First, all submitted information will be verified and letters of reference will be solicited. Next, the chairperson of the particular department that has interested you will review the complete application file and request for privileges, as will the Credentials Committee Chair. At this point, the Chairperson may request a personal interview with you.

Your application will then proceed to the Credentials Committee, which meets on the second Wednesday of every month. The committee will review your application and make its own recommendations, which are sent to the Medical Staff Executive Committee. It is this group that makes the final recommendation regarding your application to the Board of Trustees. The Board has the last review of any application and will decide whether or not to offer you an appointment at Concord Hospital.

This process can take an average of six to eight weeks from the receipt of your application. A good point to remember is that the process is greatly influenced by the completeness of the initial application and timely responses of professional references so do your best to ensure complete and accurate information is provided in an expedient manner.


To apply for a New Hampshire medical license, visit the New Hampshire Board of Medicine Web site

The New Hampshire Board of Medicine meets the first Wednesday of each month.

The New Hampshire State Police process live scan fingerprints within two weeks of your NH medical licensure background check. Please note live scan prints are not accepted unless the printing is done in New Hampshire. If you're an out-of-state applicant, you need to use inked fingerprint processing, which can take approximately eight weeks. Please remember to allow enough time for this in your application process.

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