Bill Dooley, Vice President Operations/Chief Administrative Officer Concord Hospital Medical Group

Bill Dooley, Vice President Operations/Chief Administrative Officer

Concord Hospital Medical Group

A Message from Leadership

We exist solely to serve patients and their families. This simple, yet elegant statement serves as the vision for how we care for people. By seeking out passionate, highly engaged individuals who believe in patient-centered care and want to be a part of a system that strives to innovate, we have been able to create a truly unique culture of servant leadership.

We start and end the conversation with how what we do impacts the patient. And though this could be on a motivational poster of sorts, people are always impressed with the fact that it is actually how physicians, providers and administrators operate at Concord Hospital. Quality has always been a cornerstone of the care we provide and as such, we are constantly evolving and transforming to ensure that it is safe, excellent and of the highest value.

At another institution our size, breadth and scope, you might see a waning in collegiality as the hustle and bustle of caring for a high volume of patients grows. Not here. Our distinctive culture of collegial support was created and is nurtured by this shared focus on quality and a commitment to work collaboratively towards the future. Our unique asset, the Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG) is a good example of this. Upon its creation, the CHMG established a physician governance structure where providers have a voice and work with, not for, the administration.

We hope you will consider becoming a part of the exciting future of Concord Hospital and our uniquely genuine culture invested in community and mission. The depth and extent of service, expertise and subspecialty care offered here have increased dramatically in recent years. We aim to utilize this momentum to expand our regional presence, ensuring better and easier access to primary and specialty care. However, as we grow we are aware of the need for a continued population health focus to treat not only the sick but also become a wellness organization to serve the whole of our community and region.

Come experience and explore all that makes Concord Hospital a truly special health system.

Melissa Hanrahan, MD

Meet Melissa Hanrahan, MD

Returning to her hometown after years of being away at college, medical school, residency and practicing in Watkins Glen, NY, Melissa Hanrahan, MD began caring for patients in Franklin, NH. Dr. Hanrahan cares for patients of all ages through every stage of their lives and focuses on relationships as neighbors not merely as patients. As a physician at Concord Hospital Primary Care - Franklin, and surrounded by a strong network of specialists providing advanced care as needed, Dr. Hanrahan believes her patients will be treated with kindness and provided with excellent care.