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When you need care for abnormal conditions in your arteries and veins, turn to the multidisciplinary team of vascular surgeons, cardiologists, and interventional radiologists at Concord Hospital for expert care. They're experienced in all aspects of vascular intervention and surgery, and offer advanced care treatment options including carotid stents, endovascular repair of the iliac artery and endovascular laser ablation. 

Count on Concord Hospital's endovascular experts to diagnose and treat your condition using the least invasive techniques resulting in less risk, less pain and shorter recovery time.

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Living with an Aneurysm?

Aneurysms are weaknesses in an artery wall that bulge like a balloon and can rupture. If you're living with a large aneurysm in the arteries that feed your lower body, now there is new specialized stent graft that provides a safe path for blood flow when inserted into an artery weakened by an aneurysm. This advanced treatment option removes the serious threat of an artery rupturing, without sacrificing normal blood circulation.

The new procedure is called endovascular repair of the iliac artery or aortoiliac aneurysms – repairing weakened iliac arteries or the section of the aorta that feeds them by inserting a stent graft inside the artery to relieve pressure on the ballooning artery.

The new stent graft, called the Gore Excluder Iliac Branch Endoprosthesis, includes multiple branches of its own, so while one segment strengthens a weakened iliac artery, a second extends into the healthy iliac artery. Thus, the procedure repairs the aneurysm and maintains normal blood flow to the healthy artery, instead of blocking it and causing potentially serious complications.”

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Painful Varicose Veins? 

Millions of Americans suffer from varicose veins – which can be unsightly and painful. At Concord Hospital, you benefit from treatment options that can correct your ailment in minutes, without surgery or long recovery times.

The Interventional Radiologists at Concord Hospital use various and well-proven treatment options to redirect blood flow and get patients back on their feet.

“The procedure takes about 40 minutes, with no downtime afterward. Patients can go right back to work on the same day. That’s the true advantage of this procedure.” 

~ Dr. Ari Salis

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Blocked or Narrowed Carotid Artery?

If you have a higher risk of stroke because of blocked or narrowed carotid arteries now you can be treated at Concord Hospital with an advanced endovascular technique.

The carotid arteries are the two major arteries in the neck that carry oxygen-rich blood to the brain. When plaque builds up inside the arteries, the flow of blood is reduced, causing a condition called carotid stenosis.

Standard treatment for most carotid stenosis patients is to surgically open the artery and clean out the plaque. However, open surgery is not an option for some patients, including those with heart conditions, those who have undergone the open surgery previously, or because of the location of the blockage.

Instead of being referred elsewhere, those high-risk patients now can be treated at Concord Hospital with a minimally invasive procedure called carotid stenting, in which a stent, or mesh-like tube, is expanded inside the artery to hold it open.

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