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  • A Leader in Male Urologic Health Greenlight Laser Therapy

    Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care has been performing Greenlight Laser Therapy and other forms of laser therapy to treat enlarged prostate, for more than 12 years.

  • A Message from Leadership

    Quality has always been a cornerstone of the care we provide and as such, we're constantly evolving and transforming to ensure it's safe, excellent and of the highest value.

  • About Us

    We're a non-profit, regional health system which exists to meet the health needs of individuals within the communities we serve.

  • Advance Care Planning

    Advanced Care Planning is designed to help you think about, talk about and plan for a life-threatening illness or end-of-life care.

  • Advanced Cardiac Imaging 3/15/2018

    For expertise in advanced cardiac imaging, make an appointment with a cardiologist at Cardiac Associates. Call (603) 224-6070 today.

  • After Your Stay

    You may receive a follow-up phone call a few days after your discharge. We will ask how you are feeling, address any questions or concerns about your discharge instructions or progress, and solicit feedback about the services you received.

  • Alaska Man Chooses Concord Hospital for Lead Extraction

    Don Davis flew from Alaska to Concord Hospital for treatment when he learned he needed medical attention for a problem with a wire on his cardiac pacemaker.

  • An Overdose, Then Compassionate Care & Hard Work Offered a Fresh Start

    After a year putting as little effort as he could into substance misuse treatment, Derek relapsed, overdosed and spent a week at Concord Hospital. His close call changed his life.