Published on June 08, 2022

DNV CertificationConcord Hospital Earns National Stroke Center Certification

Concord Hospital has been certified as a Primary Stroke Center hospital by DNV Healthcare USA, Inc. (DNV), which validates its dedication to the latest and most rapid care possible for patients presenting with stroke.

The three-year certification from DNV, a hospital accreditation organization with some of the toughest standards in health care, means Concord Hospital’s stroke response staff follow the best methods to fast-track patients suspected of stroke, so doctors can begin brain-saving treatments immediately.

The Primary Stroke Center Certification Program integrates certain requirements of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation for Hospitals, Guidelines of the Brain Attack Coalition and Recommendations of the American Heart Association / American Stroke Association®.

 “The Primary Stroke Center designation highlights our endless pursuit of combining efficiency with exceptional quality care for patients with stroke-like symptoms,” said Jennifer Pletcher, MPH, BS, RN, CEN Concord Hospital Stroke Program Manager. “It is an honor to be recognized as a Primary Stroke Center by DNV as we follow the Concord Hospital mission to meet the health needs of those in our community.”

Concord Hospital’s stroke response includes TeleSpecialists, a physician-owned service organization delivering care to over 11,000 patients each month nationwide. TeleSpecialists are board-certified neurologists who focus on immediate and accurate care for patients who have stroke-like symptoms. Concord Hospital also collaborates with Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston should a patient require transfer for additional interventions.

As part of its review, DNV inspected actual and potential patient outcomes, as well as processes followed by the hospital’s stroke team. Surveyors assessed the care provided at Concord Hospital, including the appropriateness of the care and hospital services within the context of the certification requirements.

Surveyors also visited Concord Hospital facilities where stroke patients are diagnosed and treated, reviewing data and records to validate information gained from observations and interviews.

Stroke Symptoms Graphic

Stroke Warning Signs

A good way to remember the warning signs of stroke is FAST

F – Face numbness or weakness on one side of body

A – Arm numbness or weakness on one side of body

S – Speech slurred or difficulty speaking or understanding

T – Time to immediately call 911

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