Published on April 28, 2022

Caity Casey, RN

Caity Casey, RN

Caity Casey, RN

A Valued Nurse in a Supportive Health System

Caity Casey has many responsibilities as the Clinical Lead Nurse at Concord Hospital - Franklin, including interviewing prospective nurses. During those conversations, she cautions nursing candidates that if they hope to be an invisible part of an impersonal organization, they are in the wrong place.

“I tell them ‘If you are looking to just be a number or a face, this is not the place for you because here, you are a face, a name and a story,’” she said.

Caity knew very little about the former Franklin Regional Hospital when she was recruited to work there in 2018, but quickly realized she had been welcomed into a large family.

“You get to know everybody you are working with in this Hospital, from the kitchen staff to facilities, to environmental services,” she said. “You have a second supportive family with you every day.”

In addition to caring for patients in the Medical/Surgical Unit and Behavioral Health Services, Caity has administrative and leadership duties. Despite not being in an official management position, she feels valued that Hospital leadership seeks and considers her ideas.

In nursing school, Caity believed she would work with children or infants in pediatrics or a neo-natal intensive care unit. Instead, she now finds rewarding work with many behavioral health or geriatric patients — some of who are receiving long-term care.

“I get so attached to my patients,” she said. “They steal my heart.”

Since Concord Hospital purchased LRGHealthcare in May, Caity and her Franklin colleagues have been working closely with their counterparts in Concord to integrate operations. They feel fortunate they are able to continue serving their patients as part of the Concord Hospital health system.

“We have a future now,” she said. “Without the purchase, we wouldn’t have been able to maintain health care in the Lakes and Three Rivers Regions.”