Small Gestures Making a Big Difference for Cancer Patients

Lend Me a Hand and Gene Gillis Funds

The Lend Me a Hand and Gene Gillis Funds provided $48,675 to support 320 Payson Center for Cancer Care patients with out-of-pocket expenses. between October 2019 and September 2020.

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Cancer patients have enough to worry about without wondering how to pay for gas during weeks of care or buying groceries while treatment keeps them out of work.

That's where the Lend Me a Hand and Gene Gillis Funds, through Concord Hospital Trust, can help. The funds support patients with gift cards for gas or food and help with prescriptions and other out-of-pocket expenses — allowing them to concentrate on beating cancer, not filling their tank.

Since their inception, the Lend Me a Hand Fund (established in 2004) and Gene Gillis Fund (established in 2006) have supported more than 2,150 patients.

Christa Chapman and Bonnie Beyer

My Path, My Way...

Bonnie Beyer of Concord does not like referring to her 11-year relationship with cancer as a journey. It’s been more of an ordeal, with multiple surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation.

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