Published on February 10, 2021

Patient Navigation is Making a Difference in Lucille’s Life

Nurse Navigator with Patient Lucille Verville

Nurse Navigator Michelle Goodnow with Lucille Verville

Lucille Verville of Allenstown says all of the medical providers at Concord Hospital Medical Group Family Physicians of Pembroke are like family to her, especially nurse navigator Michelle Goodnow.

“I feel like she’s my daughter, I’ve known her for so long,” said Lucille. “I don’t know what I would do without her.”

Lucille, who is 79, has been seeing Michelle for five years to help manage her diabetes, throat problems, stress and other conditions. Michelle also was part of the team that cared for Lucille’s late husband, and now for her adult children.

Navigators help patients manage chronic conditions, at home, so any changes in their health can be discovered early and hopefully taken care of before a patient becomes so ill they have to be hospitalized. They help patients understand their conditions and any treatment recommendations from their doctors and work with patients to set achievable healthcare and lifestyle goals, empowering patients to want to feel better and improve their quality of life. Frequently, they also lend a sympathetic ear.

“If I didn’t have Michelle, I would have had a nervous breakdown by now,” Lucille said. “I can confide in Michelle about things I’ve never talked about because I trust her that much.”

Michelle is Lucille’s go-to person if she has questions about her own health or the serious illnesses affecting her son and daughter.

Often, Michelle helps Lucille by phone, but she’s also been by her side – attending a diabetes class to make sure Lucille didn’t miss anything and sitting with her at doctor visits.

“She comes in and listens, and if I forget anything, I just call,” Lucille said.

Lucille feels safe and secure knowing Michelle is helping look after her, as a medical professional and a friend. “When you like the person you deal with, it helps your health,” Lucille said.