Published on February 10, 2021

Financial Counseling is Making a Difference in Marta's Life

Patient Marta Ochman and Financial Counselor Cynthia Gunn

Marta Ochman and Financial Counselor Cynthia Gunn

In late 2018, Marta Ochman faced a serious medical problem — and a serious financial problem.

Concord Hospital’s expert medical providers saved her life. The Hospital’s compassionate financial assistance counselors saved her peace of mind.

Marta, who is from Poland, was in New Hampshire visiting her beloved aunt, Iwona Dubay, when she developed a serious medical emergency. With no insurance, she faced a life-threatening situation and major, complicated surgery that would cost thousands of dollars.

“I was petrified about the care and the cost,” said Marta, who is 34.

Dr. Kristina Wihbey of Concord Hospital Obstetrics and Gynecology recommended swift treatment and suggested Marta contact the Hospital’s Financial Assistance department, where counselors match patients with programs or assistance to help cover prescription costs and potentially lifesaving care.

Marta already had benefitted from financial assistance on earlier visits, when financial counselors and Dr. Anna Cabot of Concord Hospital Neurology, helped with medication and care related to her multiple sclerosis and thyroid difficulties. Counselors work to alleviate some financial stress, helping patients heal instead of scrimp on medicine or refuse treatment they feel they can’t afford.

Dr. Wihbey performed a four-hour procedure that corrected Marta’s gynecological condition and improved her overall well-being.

“They saved my life in every single area you can imagine,” Marta said. Her balance problems, neurological condition and test results improved, her back pain ended and other complications were not as troublesome.

“I have never had such excellent test results,” she said.

And, because of help from financial counselor Cynthia Gunn and her colleagues at Financial Assistance, Marta feels safe. “What the Financial Assistance department did for me was like a fairy tale,” Marta said.