Published on July 20, 2021

Concord Hospital Trust Awards over $45,000 in Scholarships

Twenty-six deserving students seeking a career in nursing and allied health care received scholarships through the Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship Fund during the annual awards luncheon on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

Having reviewed over 50 blind applications, the Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship Sub-Committee awarded scholarships to the following recipients: Riley Bennett, Katherine Blake, Spencer Burke, Madison Courser, Hope Couture, Kaitlyn Covell, Emma Curley, Erin Dean, Colleen Decato, Elizabeth Doody, Shannon Huff, Molly Lacasse, Travis MacLeod, Emily Marsh, Matthew McDonald, Kyle Menard, Alanna O’Keefe, Kylie O’Keefe, Sara Osborne, Elizabeth Palmisano, Paige Provencal, Irini Qyra, Melissa Reopel, Hailey Stevens, Grace Turcotte and Izabella Warren.

The Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship Fund, part of the Trust’s endowment, provided $48,000 in scholarship support. The Fund comprises a number of scholarships originally established to support the Concord Hospital School of Nursing, which closed in 1989, together with more recently established scholarships.

"What a joy to provide needed support to prospective future healthcare workers," said Chief Advancement Officer Pamela Puleo. "Our ability to offer scholarship support is made possible by our donors both past and present and also our dedicated Concord Hospital Trust Scholarship volunteers, led by Dr. Ken Deloge. Their commitment to this endeavor is truly genuine."