Published on March 08, 2021

Concord Hospital Offers Provider Contracts in Laconia and Franklin

On March 5, Concord Hospital offered contracts to LRGHealthcare-employed physicians and practicing Laconia Clinic physicians to assure the continuation of care in the region once Concord Hospital’s proposed acquisition of LRGHealthcare’s hospitals and ambulatory services is approved. Physician responses to the offers are expected within the next couple of weeks. It is expected that employment offers will be sent to advanced providers within the next week.

“We value the commitment and capabilities that LRGHealthcare providers have shared with community members over the years. I met with all employed and Laconia Clinic providers and sincerely hope they will respond favorably to our offers,” said Dr. Matthew Gibb, Chief Clinical Officer at Concord Hospital. “Our goal is to keep provider/patient relationships intact. We look forward to welcoming these providers to the Concord Hospital Laconia and Concord Hospital Franklin teams.”

Concord Hospital will have an open medical staff, whereby any qualified provider can apply to be a member of the medical staff regardless of their affiliation. In offering these contracts, the organization has utilized the same compensation model used by Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG), a multi-specialty provider group with 400 providers, to assure standardization and pay equity throughout the system.

Concord Hospital’s proposed acquisition of LRGHealthcare assets has been a mission-driven imperative, explained Robert Steigmeyer, Concord Hospital President and CEO. “Rather than standing by and watching needed health resources collapse, we stepped up to ensure there would be a healthcare system with local providers present to meet the health needs of residents in the Lakes and Three Rivers regions. A community-based system assures local access to many services while affording access to higher-level care regionally. The communities and patients of the Lakes and Three Rivers regions are counting on us and we feel the full weight of that responsibility.”

Once employment offers have been accepted by area providers, Concord Hospital will release a list of providers who will be working with the local hospitals. Additionally, providers’ information will be available on the Concord Hospital - Laconia and Concord Hospital - Franklin Web site.