Published on February 02, 2021

Concord Hospital Adopts NRC Health Real-time Feedback to Capture Timely, Relevant Patient Insight

Concord Hospital has partnered with NRC Health to gather real-time feedback from patients starting February 4, 2021. NRC Health is the leading provider of customer insights and healthcare performance improvement solutions. Through this partnership, Concord Hospital will have the support and solutions necessary to design care experiences that inspire loyalty.

Real-time feedback will enable Concord Hospital to:

  • Discover near real-time opportunities for improvement in service excellence;
  • Enable providers and staff with just-in-time learning to improve patient experiences;

  • Build meaningful relationships with patients and direct the next best action based on knowledge of individual needs.

“Concord Hospital’s mission centers on the concept of service to patients and their families," said Dr. Christopher Fore, Concord Hospital's Chief Quality Officer. "We are pleased to partner with NRC to help us provide a new means for patients to provide real-time feedback around their experience of care across our system. This information will aid us as we work to exceed service expectations.”

“Nearly 50 percent of consumers are frustrated by their healthcare experiences, so it’s especially important for organizations to better understand these experiences and use that insight to drive improvement,” said Helen Hrdy, Chief Growth Officer at NRC Health. “Concord Hospital is taking proactive measures to better understand the people they serve, and we couldn’t be more excited to partner with them on their journey toward care excellence.”

About NRC Health

For more than 37 years, NRC Health has been committed to achieving human understanding and bringing healthcare organizations closer to their customers than ever before by illuminating and improving the key moments that define an experience and build trust. Guided by their uniquely empathic heritage, proprietary methods, skilled associates and holistic approach, NRC Health helps its customers design experiences that exceed expectations, inspire loyalty and improve well-being among patients, residents, physicians, nurses and staff.