Published on January 06, 2020

Joy of Being Moved

Joe's Story

Ann and Joe Farrelly regularly attend Concord Hospital Trust’s What’s Up Doc? luncheon lectures to learn about the latest medical techniques and Hospital programs. They also regularly contribute to the Hospital.

Joe Farrelly

Donor Joe Farrelly

The two activities are closely related, because the more they learn, the more Ann and Joe enjoy making gifts — and spreading the word about how fortunate the community is to have the Hospital here to respond to everything from routine exams to emergencies.

"It's comforting to know we have that facility available when we need it - not if but when," Joe said.

Their generosity started with a casual conversation more than a decade ago at a social event. Someone mentioned Concord Hospital, said it was doing good things and that he was a donor.

"He said if I knew how well that organization was run, I would want to support it too," Joe said. "When I started to learn about all of the medical services that are available, that's when we became very interested in Concord Hospital Trust and made a financial donation."

Their interest and support have grown over the years. Joe sees himself as an ambassador of sorts, drumming up more support whenever he gets the chance. 

"Anytime, I have the opportunity, I say, 'Are you a supporter of Concord Hospital Trust?' They say, 'What is it?'" I say, 'Funny you should ask, I happen to have some literature, I'll get you some to you."

Joe believes more people would contribute if they knew more about all the Hospital offers — not simply taking it for granted, as he once did. "They don't understand the benefits that everyone would derive from their generosity."

A personal benefit for Joe and Ann is the joy that comes with helping the Hospital help them and others.

"It brings us comfort and joy, just knowing that whenever we need medical attention, Concord Hospital is here to provide what we need when we need it to keep us healthy," Joe said.