Published on January 08, 2020

For Dr. Ronald Yap, Supporting Concord Hospital Trust is Part of Being a Concord Hospital Physician

Dr. Ronald Yap

Dr. Ronald Yap

Expert urologist that he is, Dr. Ronald Yap is not comfortable with ‘only’ being a clinician.

He brought a groundbreaking medical procedure to Concord Hospital; developed popular smartphone applications to help keep patients healthy; hosted a community television medical program; and now is in his first year as Concord Hospital Trust’s Board Chair. The Trust raises and distributes charitable gifts to support Hospital programs and community members’ health needs.

Dr. Yap, of Concord Hospital Center for Urologic Care, has been involved with the Trust since coming to Concord Hospital 14 years ago — as a donor, by helping a patient express gratitude with gifts to the Trust, and receiving support himself for innovative projects that have won international acclaim.

“When you show up here as a doctor, you’re also a member of the community,” he said, “and with the charitable mission of the Hospital, coming here means you have to be on board in some way for the community.”

Dr. Yap learned first-hand that the Trust helps patients, physicians and the community when he sought support for proposals that helped harness new medical and communications technology to benefit urology patients here and around the world.

With Trust funding, he established a database to research GreenLight Laser Therapy to treat enlarged prostate and, later, to help build two popular smartphone apps: Prostate Pal and Bladder Pal, which help patients around the world monitor prostate and bladder health.

At the time, GreenLight therapy was not a standard treatment.

“We were able to help establish that through our own personal data and getting the data out there in medical journals and by going to medical meetings,” he said.

Dr. Yap said being a member of the Trust Board, and now being Chair, gives him a broader picture of what the Hospital and the Trust offer the community.

It also gives him joy in a profession that includes stress, long hours and burnout.

“Although my involvement with the Trust involves more hours and more things to do, I don’t feel that it’s taxing,” he said. “It gives me joy and energy to do my job.

“It would be hard for me to work for 35 years as a clinician and just be a clinician without having the perspective of ‘What you are doing for your community as far as building services and stewarding the health care here,’” he said.

Dr. Yap sees himself as a bridge between patients, physicians, the Hospital and the Trust, explaining the importance of philanthropy and spreading the message that supporting the Trust in any way – donating, volunteering, organizing fundraising events – benefits everyone.

“As a clinician, I touch a lot of people: patients, administrators, partners, other doctors, nurses. I’m like the bee pollinating all the flowers here,” he said. “I think the future is going to be with patients, clinicians and administration acting as a team to get the best outcomes. If I can act as a unifying force for that, that’s my goal.”

Dr. Yap is proud that Concord Hospital Trust has earned the trust of donors by ensuring that their gifts are distributed exactly how they wish — supporting existing programs or opening doors to new or expanded projects that enhance the already excellent care the Hospital offers.

“We are the tradewinds that move the ship,” he said. “We’re that gentle force that makes sure we are going in the right direction.”

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