Published on October 08, 2020

First Business Supporter to Concord Hospital Trust’s COVID-19 Response Fund

CH FB Post About Johnny Prescott & Son Oil SupportWhen the COVID-19 crisis began, Tom Prescott, President of Johnny Prescott & Son Oil, knew Concord Hospital would need support, so his company became the first business to donate to Concord Hospital Trust’s COVID-19 Response Fund.

“With COVID, I realized the Hospital was going to need some help with all of the extra expenses they were going to incur and with having to shut down some services,” Prescott said.

He offered his company’s $10,000 donation as a challenge to other business and civic leaders to help the Hospital as it mobilized to protect the community.

Following Prescott’s example, other businesses and donors contributed more than $262,000 that the Hospital has used to support its COVID-19 response, including buying protective supplies like masks, gloves and gowns for its healthcare team.

Being in business for 80 years has taught Johnny Prescott & Son Oil Company that a strong and healthy community is a basic requirement for thriving citizens and businesses.

“I feel it is important for Concord Hospital to succeed so they can continue to provide good service to the community,” he said. “In order for them to continue to provide that kind of service, they need funds.”

Prescott said support will be important as the Hospital begins to return to normal operations.

“My message would be if you can afford to help out Concord Hospital, please contribute,” he said. “It’s a good place to start, so they can continue to give quality care like they’ve always done.”