Published on March 15, 2018


Patient Deborah Coleman and Maxine McBeyConcord Hospital Cardiac Associates has begun a program to help avoid one of the main reasons patients are late for appointments or miss or cancel them altogether — problems traveling to the Hospital.

The Telemedicine program allows heart patients in Laconia, approximately a 40-minute drive from Concord, to be examined by a cardiac specialist at Concord Hospital without having to leave their community.

Patients are assessed physically by a nurse at the Cardiac Associates office in Laconia and by Dr. Adam Chodosh, an electrophysiologist at Cardiac Associates in Concord. The nurse uses an electronic Bluetooth stethoscope to transmit the sound of the heartbeat to an identical stethoscope Dr. Chodosh wears. They communicate through an audio/video screen.

Because of the program, patients can receive care in their own community and Dr. Chodosh can see more patients during the time he otherwise would have been driving to and from Laconia.

Dr. Chodosh points to one patient’s story to illustrate how the telemedicine program can provide more timely care. A Laconia patient was feeling fine, but made a telemedicine appointment rather than wait a few months for his routine checkup. During the appointment, Dr. Chodosh detected an abnormal heart rhythm and performed a procedure to correct it three weeks later. “His issue would have been delayed by months if we didn’t have access to this technology,” Dr. Chodosh said.