Community Sound Bites | Nearly $3.5M Provided in Charitable Care

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Published on January 04, 2018

Charitable Care

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In 2017, our Financial Assistance Counselors processed 5,359 applications for patients seeking support for medical bills. The result was nearly $3.5 million provided in charitable care services to 4,310 individuals. The majority of the support was provided in the Hospital to those who remain uninsured, followed by Medicare patients and then, under-insured patients.

Concord Hospital Family Health Center locally and in Hillsborough-Deering specifically supported 1,096 individuals, which includes primary and dental care. Charitable Care was also provided to 1,346 patients served in Concord Hospital Medical Group (CHMG) practices.

Since FY 2014, Concord Hospital’s investment in charitable care has been trending down from a high of more than $40 million. Over the same period, the organization’s Medicaid and Medicare shortfalls have risen at roughly the same rate as charitable care has decreased.

Melissa Thompson


Melissa, who is 23, knew the Hospital provided financial assistance for treatment, but was surprised to discover she also could find help sorting out and applying for health insurance and covering additional out-of-pocket medical expenses.

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