Charitable Achievements & Capital Region Health Needs Assessment

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Charitable Achievements

Read: 2018 Charitable Achievements Report

Charitable Achievements Report Copies

To request a copy of the report with appendices, call (603) 227-7000, ext. 5209.

Charitable Achievements represent our investment in those programs and services and reflect the essence of our mission: to meet the health needs of individuals within the communities we serve, including our less fortunate neighbors. These investments make the organization worthy of both tax exemption and philanthropic support.

2018 Reports

2017 Reports

2017 Community Sound Bites

Community sound bites are short, impactful statements about our community benefit investments designed for anyone to easily understand our organization’s charitable work.


Serving Concord's Refugee Population

Concord Hospital Family Health Center is the medical home to Concord’s refugee population. We continue to welcome up to 200 new refugee patients each year and in the past year provided medical, dental and behavioral health care to patients speaking 25 different languages including American Sign Language.

Downtown Clinic

Downtown Clinic

Concord Hospital Family Health Center's Downtown Clinic provides a trusting two-way relationship with community members who are facing real economic challenges and provides a team approach to care where it matters.

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