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Cardiothoracic Surgery

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Hands wearing surgical gloves holding medical equipmentWhether you need coronary artery bypass surgery (CABG), heart valve surgery, atrial fibrillation, aortic aneurysms or other complex cardiac surgical procedures, you can count on our Cardiothoracic Surgery practice to provide comprehensive, individualized medical care. 

Cardiolthoracic Surgery's cardiac surgeons perform coronary artery bypass surgery using techniques that afford you less pain, faster healing, and a safer, more productive recovery.

Procedures for vein and artery harvesting, for example, can be performed through tiny incisions in procedures called endoscopic vein harvest (EVH) and artery harvest (ERH). Smaller incisions afford our patients less pain, less swelling, lower infection rates, and a faster recovery.

Also available are techniques designed to minimize aortic trauma during bypass surgery. During a portion of the procedure, a vein or artery is connected to the aorta, which provides the additional blood flow to the heart arteries. Special devices are used on select patients during this portion of the procedure to provide a bloodless field and avoid aortic clamping. Using these devices can potentially lower stroke risk in certain patients.

Surgeons perform off-pump or beating heart surgery on select patients, including the elderly, those with multiple medical problems, and those with extensive calcification in the artery walls. The procedure negates the need for utilization of the traditional heart-lung machine.

Coronary endarterectomies are also performed routinely on patients with diffuse coronary disease where a traditional bypass cannot be performed. This allows for a more complete revascularization of the heart muscle and ultimately a faster recovery.

Highly Satisfied Patients

Top 3% Nationally Patient SatisfactionCardiothoracic Surgery ranked top 3% nationwide in patient satisfaction for the most recent report period. We pay close attention to our patient satisfaction results as a direct reflection of our performance and patient care. We use your feedback to help us continually improve our programs and services.