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Cardiac Rehabilitation

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Our cardiac rehabilitation service is a caring, medically supervised education and comprehensive wellness program that helps you recover from a heart attack, other forms of heart disease or surgery to treat heart disease.

Our physical therapists work with cardiac patients to:

  • Improve physical fitness and exercise tolerance;
  • Increase one's knowledge of heart disease;
  • Promote a heart-healthy lifestyle to decrease the likelihood of future cardiac events;
  • Increase confidence and ability to return to employment and independent living.

Components of cardiac rehabilitation include:

  • Individual assessment and educational session with a member of the cardiac rehabilitation team to determine appropriateness;
  • Telemetry-monitored group exercise sessions supervised by an exercise specialist;
  • Relaxation/stress reduction training;
  • Educational sessions focusing on heart-healthy nutrition, stress management, physical and psychosocial risk factors for heart disease, and the benefits of exercise for patient and family;
  • Individual nutrition counseling.

Ongoing cardiac rehabilitation services are available to program graduates. A maintenance exercise program, designed specifically for people with a history of heart disease, is available. Exercise instructors have CPR certification and are educated in leading exercise classes for individuals with heart disease.