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Cancer Diagnostic and Treatment Technology

The Payson Center for Cancer Care uses some of the most advanced medical technology to diagnose and treat cancer.





  • Digital mammography specifically enhances the ability of physicians and staff to better detect cancer in women under 50 years of age, with dense breast tissue, and who are pre-menopausal;
  • Breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a complementary diagnostic tool to digital mammography and ultrasound that is used to more effectively detect breast disease;
  • The Brilliance CT Big Bore Scanner System, used in radiation treatment planning, captures cross-sectional images of a tumor that are later used to plan the treatment fields and dosage in each field. With the large 85-centimeter opening (bore) and a 60-centimeter field of view, the simulator offers increased clinical accuracy, speed and comfort for patients;
  • Radiation therapy with the Clinac 21EX machine. have several features that improve the method radiation therapy is delivered including multi-field conformal therapy, where the radiation beam conforms to the size and shape of the target, and intensity modulated radiation therapy that helps to avoid critical structures;
  • Intensity modulated radiation therapy allows physicians and staff to more accurately pinpoint tumors and deliver targeted therapies while sparing normal tissue;
  • Image guided radiation therapy with on-board imaging allows physicians and staff to increase accuracy of radiation treatment while targeting a specific area and sparing normal tissue.