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Erlotinib With or Without Bevacizumab For Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer That Has Special Cancer Cells

A Randomized Phase II Trial of Erlotinib Alone or in Combination with Bevacizumab in Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer and Activating Epidermal Growth Factor Mutations


Comparing bevacizumab and erlotinib versus erlotinib alone to determine if the amount of time before tumor growth is seen is longer with the two drug combination.

Inclusion Criteria:
Must have lung cancer that has spread to other areas of the body (stage 4). Must have measurable disease.

Exclusion Criteria:
Cannot have had chemotherapy for this stage lung cancer.

IRB Protocol Number

Clinical Trial Categories

  • Lung Cancer
Barbara Beauchemin, RN, BSN at 603-224-2556


  • Payson Center for Cancer Care
    250 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03301
    Main: 603-230-6000